13.8.2013 News

Major international recognition for CrisisTracker

CrisisTracker, an open-source platform built in collaboration by the University of Oulu, the University of Madeira, IBM Research, and the Qatar Com

5.8.2013 News

Radamsa finds over a hundred browser vulnerabilities

Radamsa is a completely automated data security testing tool developed by the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG)

18.6.2013 News

Apps4Finland 2013 Published


14.6.2013 News

Work Opportunities for Students

Some work opportunities for Computer Science and Engineering students. See more:

6.6.2013 News

New methods for image and video analysis as well as video synthesis

Within the last few decades, image description has become a fundamental issue of many practical vision tasks, such as texture classification, face recognition, material categorization, and medical

14.5.2013 News

Two Academy of Finland positions to CSE

CMV Senior Researcher, Adjunct Professor Abdenour Hadid has received a five-year Academy of Finland Research Fellowship, and MediaTeam Researcher, Dr.

29.4.2013 News

Machine Vision Trainee with option to thesis work - RDnet Oy

Machine Vision Trainee, with opt

23.4.2013 News

JOT Automation offers summer jobs

SW Summer Trainees wanted at JOT Automation, Oulu. Apply by 5th May, 2013!

19.4.2013 News

Cray engineering internship in St. Paul, USA

In collaboration with CSC, Cray is offering an internship to a Finnish student with suitable skills. Location: St. Paul (USA), duration: 3-12 months.

18.4.2013 News

Last chance: compulsory laboratory exercises of Embedded Systems course, May 7-8th

The compulsory laboratory exercises of 521268A Embedded Systems course will be arranged on 7th and 8th of May 2013

17.4.2013 News

Professor Juha Röning elected into euRobotics Board of Directors

Head of CSE Department, Professor Juha Röning has been elected into the euRobotics Board of Directors.

15.4.2013 News

UbiCity software released under open source license

MediaTeam Oulu research group has published the open source code of its UbiCity project.

4.4.2013 News

Annual Reports 2012 of the research groups available

The four research groups of CSE have wrapped up their activities in year 2012 :

2.4.2013 News

IndoorAtlas pioneers its location technology with passion

IndoorAtlas Ltd is witnessing a boom of interest towards its unique indoor location technology, taking advantage of magnetic anomalies.

19.3.2013 News

Information skills


11.3.2013 News

2nd International UBI Challenge 2013: Call for proposals

UBI research program, coordinated by MediaTeam Oulu research group, will host the second International UBI Challenge, where the urban informatic

1.3.2013 News

UBI Summer School 2013: call for applications

  The 4th International UBI Summer School 2013 will be held in Oulu, Finland, on June 10 - 15, 2013.

1.3.2013 News

Discussion for CSE staff about the new IT school (Mar 15., at 12-14)

  You are welcome to discuss the new IT school on Friday, March 15th, at 12-14 (TS128).

21.2.2013 News

Robust digital watermarking techniques for printed images

Digital watermarking techniques enable hiding imperceptible information to images - information which can be extracted later from those images.